Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Miir Insulated Growler

We are generally a fans of the more traditional when it comes to our growlers. In fact, we have previously put ourselves behind the people at the Portland Growler Company and their Sprocket Growler. However, as skookum as the Sprocket is, when we want to get our sporty shit on, the heft and fragility of the sprocket make it not perfect. Example; I would not take my sprocket camping or hiking, for fear of breaking it. This however will not do, as we would therefore be beer-less, and as you know, camping without beer is just sleeping outside. We therefore turn our focus to Miir, and their insulated and threadless growler. Insulated means the beer inside stays could for 24 hours, which while commendable, seems pointless to us as unless it takes 24 hours to drive to the campsite there is no way the beer will not be consumed in less. It is threadless, which means you pigs out there that don't wash your shit won't have to deal with that beer gunk getting caught in the grooves of a screw top. Best part however, every growler sold will provide clean drinking water to one person who needs it, and the people at Miir will prove it to you. You can see and learn more here.

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