Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Benjamin Hubert Studio

So much product, furniture and lifestyle design floods the market that you can become a little casual or numb to it all. You know what we mean, scrolling through blogs, flipping through magazines and clicking through commercials letting images pass by with barely a notice but sometimes something unique catches your eye and you need to stop and pay attention.  This is what happened to us when a friend pointed out Benjamin Hubert's design.  With an array of furniture, lighting and "objects" this young industrial designer from the UK wasted no time starting his studio and landing clients like Bombay Sapphire and Colors Tokyo.  We love his lighting, especially the Lab Lights shown here, as well as the concrete pendants which reveal a simplicity and love of form.  A lot more appears to come as he is launching various new products at the upcoming Milan and Berlin shows which we imagine won't disappoint. 

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