Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Pizza in Vancouver???

Maybe the best in Canada for that matter.  Only time will tell, but it has all the markings of the new it spot for pizza in Vancouver .  Nicli Antica Pizzeria just finished putting the finishing touches on the store front, and yet another great dining experience graces the streets of gastown, but this place is a little more special than the usual trendy place to be seen.  What makes this place so special you ask? Well, the proprietor Bill McCaig, spent the better part of a last summer touring through north Italy sampling the wares along the way.  He then went a step further by enrolling himself in the Vera Pizza Napoletana Americas Association course, which one has to complete to have a pizza establishment as a Vera Pizza Napoletana establishment. Having done this, Nicli Antica will be only the second VPN certified pizzeria in Canada.  Other selling features; a genuine Acunto (wood fire oven) imported from Napoli and a stack of wood to feed it, real San Marzano tomatoes and "00" caputo flour for the dough.  All the ear marks of authenticity.  Another pic of the bar after the jump.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria
62 East Cordova @ Columbia 

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  1. We are super excited to have some authentic pizza across the street! We went for the first time with serious pie eaters, the only other place I want to try to compare is Nook. But this is definitely up there as a great addition to our neighbourhood!
    Not sure what to make of the handle bar design at the bar though?