Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie's Got Nothin'On Keith

We enjoy a good train wreck like the next person, and watching Charlie Sheen's descent into what could only be described as madness is pure guilty pleasure at its best. His comments regarding his 50/50 composition of tigers blood and Adonis genes is a particularly good one, but we draw the line at his comparison of himself to Keith Richards, in that he makes Keith look like a limbless child.  Charlie, we're going to stop you right there. Keith Richards is the prototype, never to be duplicated, and constantly imitated. Everything that can be considered "partying like a rockstar" is all derivative of Keith because he did it first, he did it harder, and he did it better.  Keith is the Wright brothers of hard livin', and the stories of his exploits will go down in history as badassery at its best.  Case in point, the opening chapter of his biography "Life."  We won't give it away, but suffice to say it involves a poorly hatched plan to drive between tour stops in the deep south,in 1975,with long hair,and a  brand new Chevy Impala with the door panels stuffed with powders and pills.  So do yourself a favour, put down your People Magazine with Charlie on the cover and go and pick yourself up Keith's bio and read of real rock 'n' roll exploits. All we can say to Charlie is..."you wish." 

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