Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jules Bistro

In Vancouver, arguably one of the best cities to eat in, a new restaurant opens up every 28 seconds.  OK, not true, we made that up.  But sometimes it feels like it, especially with all the hype that surrounds the new hip spots in town.  It can become hard to keep up. Jules Bistro in Gastown doesn't fall into the new category, but we think it serves up hip by the bowlful and needs to be brought to the attention of all the gourmands in the area. The decor is classic French bistro.  Not recreated classic French bistro, but rather they've managed to achieve a level of authenticity not found in other Vancouver French spots.  If you squint a bit you might even convince yourself that your spending the next 2 hours dining in Paris. There are no real surprises on the menu, it's classic bistro fare, but it's done well and at a price point that's very competitive it's really a hard place to beat.  The moules frites are among the best in the city, as is the steak au poivre and the duck confit.  And it's open for lunch.  So take a long lunch next week and turn it into a hour long mental vacation.

Jules French Bistro
216 Abbott Street

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  1. Jules is definitely one of my all time favorites in Vancouver. The moules frites always makes those rainy days a bit better.

    I miss Vancouver. Just a little bit.