Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Field Notes (or are they?)

People are forgetting how to write.  That's a statement about pen and paper, and not a novel.  People are literally forgetting how to put pen to paper, writing down their thoughts, ideas and grocery lists as the invasion of electronic devices with qwerty keyboards and a litany of specialized functions have made the note pad obsolete.  See the field notes above.  A pocket sized notebook that harkens back to a time when an idea was so good it needed to be jotted down.  When there was an art to the grocery list for the dinner party or the weekend to-do's.  We keep one on us at all time, and love filling it's pages with doodles, words of wisdom, and lists of those who owe us money.  The ones shown above are the newest iteration of the classic field notes journal, but with a customizable cover where you can replace the title "Field Notes" with whatever your heart desires using the dry transfer sheets provided.  Mr. Lee's General Store on Broadway carries the originals, and for now you're going to have to follow the link and buy from the source.

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