Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Outlier Feit Supermarines

Designed with the cyclist in mind, by the cycling fashion gurus at Outlier,  the Supermarine is their first foray into footwear and we're not disappointed by the beta test.  First, they're water proof, which is not only perfect for the cyclist but also perfect for the Vancouver pedestrian.  Second, they're hand made in Australia out of top quality materials by specialty shoe makers Feit. And finally, they are a super cool exercise is minimalism, sticking to the sneaker's roots and not adding a superfluous lightning bolt or other logo that have become ubiquitous in the sneaker game.  The Supermarines are made with dual layers of French calf leather on the interior, with the exterior be comprised of egyptian cotton made with only the longest fibres, hence their water resistance. We think the design is a little more luxurious and old world design savvy as opposed to the more technical fabrics that most water resistant outwear is made from.  They also have some hidden treats, like a reflective heel stripe to keep you visible to cars, a pocket on the tongue to tuck in your laces, and laces that are coated in wax so they don't get sopping wet in the rain.  They haven't quite dropped yet, so be patient, but should be available on Outliers website in the very near future.  While you're there, have a look at all the other fashion conscious cycling gear they have available.

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