Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fire Orb Hanging Fireplace

The Fire Orb is both a throw back to the enameled cone fireplaces from the 70's and a step towards the future in fireplace home heating.  One thing is for sure, it is a far cry better than the standard wall mount gas fireplaces that have become ubiquitous in homes everywhere.  The one pictured is a wood burning version, and most likely, where you live that will not pass code.  Regardless, burning wood to heat your home is no longer an environmentally friendly option, and Fire Orb makes a green version that burns renewable denatured bio-alcohol instead.  The beautiful thing about the green version is that because it burns alcohol, no flue or venting is necessary, making the pipe to the ceiling purely structural, and saving the home owner a small fortune on installation.  You'll find those savings useful because you've just put out a small fortune on the purchase of this bad boy, as beautiful things don't often come cheap.  Starting at $5900