Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kermodi Modern Plant Decor

Are house plants cool?  We're not sure, but that's because most house plants are things like ferns or ficus trees stuffed into a plastic pot that do nothing for the aesthetic of the home and eventually wither and die. Kermodi can at least help you with the aesthetic part (the dying part will have to be up to you).  They're great living works of art that lend to your decor, and can actually act as a piece of furniture rather than sitting in the corner or on top of a book case.  They make displays for interior and exterior spaces, as well as terrariums and their own take on bonsai (not really bonsai, but looks like one, see above).  The pieces can be small, which is perfect for a desk or table, up to quite large for a bolder statement.

1889 Powell Street

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