Thursday, March 24, 2011

La Ghianda

Here's what was for dinner tonight.  A lovely ham, onion and gruyere quiche, with a side of Italian coleslaw (cappucio). It was a hard choice, as there was many options to choose from, and the day was spent thinking of the Osso Bucco but couldn't commit until we arrived and saw what looked good.  As always, it all looked good.  La Ghianda is the deli off shoot of the minds behind La Quercia, a Vancouver Westside favourite.  But rather than fine dining, they've pared down the experience to quick lunch options, and to-go favourites off the menu of the big sister restaurant.  Take the Osso Bucco, which La Quercia is famous for.  You can get it pre-prepared, vacuum sealed and ready to take home for a hearty warm and serve meal (see pics after the jump), and save yourself the time of having to spend the better part of your day doing it yourself...which means veal OB on a school night.  The Dine-in menu items include hot pastas, soups, roasts as well as quiches, salads and salami boards, not to mention Kitsilano/Point Grey's best Italian coffee..They offer an ever changing selection of products such as deli meats, olive oils, cheeses, terrines, ciabatta and desserts. Guy who helped us said the carrot cake is too die for, but we stuck to our guns and went with the low carb options. What we did decide was that it is the perfect place to buy the makings for a picnic.  Go to liquor store underneath, grab a bottle of prosecco and head to Jericho Beach with friends.

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