Thursday, March 24, 2011

Locus Suspectus

Showing until April 3 at the Buschlen Mowatt Gallery in Vancouver is artist Scott Douglas's exhibition called Locus Suspectus.

Scott Douglas explores the origins of fear in his debut show, Locus Suspectus. The title, referring to the Latin words, “location” and “suspicion,” provides insight into how Douglas goes about his exploration of the emotion in question, examining how one’s relationship to space can lead to distrust and anxiety.
In each work, a ghost-like figure is presented in a muted scene where the bounce of light that creates shadow becomes the primary indicator of safety, that also incites harrowing feelings of fear within the viewer.  It is Douglas’ technical skill that ensures the success of his images.  A member of the new anti-Photoshop generation of photographers, Douglas is committed to locating the perfect scene and holding out for the right moment to hit the shutter release, a process that harkens back to photography’s documentary beginnings.  It is with this depth of detail that he is able to create luminosity out of darkness. 

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