Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sake Bomb

Now, granted, sake is not for everyone.  We used to fall into that category, but had only tried it hot...and had only tried the plonk served from the box at hole in the wall sushi joints run by people that I'm sure were not Japanese.  However, having now tried it ice cold (and we mean ice cold) and from a respectable brands that ships their product in a bottle rather than a box, our opinion has been completely changed.  Sake, served properly, can be a great addition to a meal that one would traditionally pair with a nice crisp white wine.  Some of the Izakaya's that we frequent serve their cold sake in frozen fresh green bamboo, which to be sure is a very nice touch, but not practical for home service.  Now, adding ice directly to your sake is not recommended (who wants a watered down drink anyways?).  The only great home solution left is pictured above.  Ice goes in the pocket, and brings your sake down to ice cold without having any direct contact with it.  If one was so inclined, you could keep all sorts of alcoholic concoctions chilled in it.  It also doesn't hurt that it's really great looking.  Canoe out of Portland has them for sale online.

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