Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TDK Turntable

Let's forget for a second about how trendy vinyl is. Let's also forget that classic music (and by classic we mean albums recorded and mastered before 1983) actually sounds better on vinyl...after all, it was mastered with vinyl in mind.  And finally, let's also forget that the warm hum, hiss, snaps and pops from a playing record have an authenticity that the digital 1's and 0's from the MP3 player could online dream of.  Let's just look at the picture above as a beautiful piece of furniture that you'll be proud to have out on display rather than that $100 iPod dock.  This advanced, belt driven turntable has a floating design that isolates the platter and the needle from any external vibration.  It also sports an innovative visual equalizer embedded in the gloss black surface that gives your music a visual heartbeat.  If none of the above gets you in the mood for getting some vinyl, how about a legit excuse to hitting garage sales on the weekend.

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