Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Upside Down is the New Right Side Up

Are you so evolved as a gardener that growing plants in a conventional sense, say in a pot or in the ground like the rest of the world, is no longer for you?  Or, do you simply possess limited floor space and need new and creative ways of growing plants and herbs where you can utilize all that wonderful vertical space you have that would usually go wasted?  Well...have we got something for you.  Called the Sky Planter by Boskke, this innovative inverted plant pot is excellent for those short on space, or simply want something different that your average houseplant.  Where traditional potted plants lose a great deal of water due to evaporation, this vertical design has an enclosed water reservoir that eliminates the evaporation and feeds the plants roots directly, ensuring the plant is adequately watered and that you don't waste water.  We just think these look really cool, and would make a great indoor herb garden for the kitchen. Talk about handy. 


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