Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baddy Garden Gnome

Recently, in a spiteful fit of insolence and retribution, we decided to abscond with a garden gnome from an un-named neighbor.  We picked out a really nice one, one with a leaf on its back in the shape of a bowl that would have been great at the front door to fill with the car keys and daily pocket ephemera.  The word must have gotten out, or the fates intervened, but we were a day late as the gnomes in this particular yard had disappeared.  We were disappointed to say the least, in that a.) our revenge will never be exacted, and b.) we're now without a key caddy.  This made us go looking for a new gnome, and in our travels through webspace, we discovered Baddy.  Baddy is a modern minimalist approach to the garden gnome, one that you might not be embarrassed to have in the yard.  They even make one that absorbs sunlight all day and glows for a few hours at night.  Click the link to learn more.

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