Monday, April 25, 2011

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Rome

To say that Danger Mouse is prolific is like saying the sun is hot.  Bursting onto the scene in 2004 with the Grey Album, a musical mash of the Beatles White Album with Jay-z's Black Album, and continuing from there with two Gnarls Barkley albums, production for the likes of the Gorillaz and Beck, teaming up with James Mercer of the Shins to create last years critical darlings Broken Bells, and finishing 2010 by starting production with the new U2 album.  Wow!  

Now, going in a completely different direction he has teamed up with Daniele Luppi, an Italian composer and arranger that just happens to share DM's love of classic Italian cinema scores.  Together they are releasing "Rome," an album that plays like the soundtrack to an imaginary movie, featuring musicians from the scores of Sergio Leone's iconic films, recored using vintage analog equipment, and buoyed by three tracks sung by the likes of Jack White and Norah Jones.  The track above is "Two Against One" sung by Jack White.  Follow the jump to hear "Black" with Norah Jones.  Album drops May 17.

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