Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Silver Tears Teardrop Trailer

For some, camping is not a fun experience.  Some people are just not cut out for sleeping on the ground with nothing but a thin layer of fabric separating you from the wild world, and cooking their meals (we say meals but really mean hotdogs) over an open flame.  We do not fall into that category, however we do understand the sentiment...there is nothing wrong with wanting a little luxury in your life.  That being said, we think a 50 foot RV is taking things a little far (save the $500,000 and go to a hotel).  Enter Silver Tears Campers.  Based on the old school do-it-yourself trailers from the era of Popular Mechanics, the Silver Tears teardrop trailer is a work of art circa the 1940's.  Small enough to tow behind almost any vehicle, yet comfortable enough to provide you with a very well equipped outdoor kitchen, plenty of storage, and the best part, a comfortable and dry place to sleep.  Far better looking and more interesting than a tent trailer (not sure why you wouldn't just sleep in a tent if that's what you're looking for) this trailer falls more into the heirloom category rather than the trailer that ends up parked in the driveway covered in tarps and smelling like Grandmas attic.  Heck....it might even encourage you to get outside with friends and family a little more often.  Plenty more pics after the break.


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