Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Very Own Bee Hive

Everybody wants birdhouses in their yards, but nobody wants bees.  Weird!  Is that because when birds get angry they don't fly at you ass first and impale you with a venom injecting stinger?  Maybe.  But without bees, the vegetable and fruit production system we rely on would be in big trouble.  There are many, many bee colonies all over the world suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder, which should scare you.  It scared M. Night Shyamalan so much that he made a movie about it.  It sounds to us as though bees could use a helping hand, so lend you local pollinators some help by ditching the birdhouse and setting up some subsidized bee housing.  We like the DIY bee house pictured above, made of recycled timber. Only $68 at Walrus on Cambie.


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