Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dining Room Origami

Just when you thought you exhausted all the practical uses for origami, we've come along and decided to prove you wrong.  The "Flux" chair, previously only available in Europe, has been kind enough to make its way to the colonies, and there is nothing we can say that the pictures won't, so we won't waste your time rambling on.  Suffice to say; they fold completely flat making storage a snap, weigh less than 10 pounds making them ideal from a portability stand point, can be assembled by one person in less than ten seconds, are water proof so they can do double duty as patio chairs, and come in a lovely assortment of colours.  In addition, because I know you're wondering, each chair is good for 352 pounds.  And one more thing, you can get a very cool cushion/insert to dress them up a bit.  As usual, follow the jump for more pics.


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