Sunday, April 3, 2011


As a rule antique stores are total rip offs.  Because of that, we tend to avoid them no matter what we see in the window as we'd rather never know, then see something we love but can't afford.  While continuing our weekend West Broadway odyssey we came across an antique store that we not only loved, but could also afford.  The overall display of the store was what sold us.  The layout was more like an old style curio shop rather then a modern day store that's uniformly stacked to the rafters and been overly merchandised.  Here you have to look in every corner and shelf to see everything the store has to offer.  Mason jars of vintage silverware with bakelite handles, stacks of antique books, bins of nautical charts from the forties, and our favourite, piles of vintage fabric suitcases that'd be perfect for storage.  If anything, we think it's definitely worth a visit.  We'll be back.  More pics after the jump.

3026 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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