Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chemex Coffee Maker

We've done our fair share of posts relating to tea.  We love tea, to be sure, but it is no match for our love for a finely brewed cup of coffee.  We've been using a french press for our coffee for years now, but want to explore one of the other many modes available to us to make our morning brew.  That being said, we do not want anything mechanical that takes up precious space on our kitchen counter.  In that search, we discovered the Chemex.  Designed in in 1941 by chemist Peter J. Schlumbohm PhD, the Chemex was purpose built using the inventors knowledge of extraction and filtration to brew the perfect cup of coffee.  Although purely designed for function, the form was so strikingly beautiful and simple that it now enjoys a permanent spot in the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art, as well as being named one of the 100 best designed products of modern times by the Illinois Institute of Technology.  So...what does all this scientific and design cred do for your cup of coffee you ask?  Using the Chemex along with its proprietary paper filters makes a perfect, clear, pure, and flavourful cup of coffee free of bitterness and sediment every time.  This allows the brewer to make a pot of coffee as strong as one likes without the bitterness usually associated to the stronger brews.  In addition, because of its purity, a pot of Chemex coffee can be covered and stored in the fridge without losing its flavour.  They're pretty easy to find, as you can buy direct from the manufacturer, however Old Faithful Shop carries the handblown glass variety, and at a surprisingly reasonable price considering.  More pics after the jump.

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