Wednesday, May 18, 2011


And to go in your beautiful new Chemex coffee maker (see previous post) one should be using only the finest coffees available to you.  No Nabob here please.  We've decided to follow our hype meter, and bought ourselves a bag from Portland Coffee Roasters Stumptown.  It was a little on the expensive side, but having fully examined the literature on their website, we understand why.  The people at Stumptown are definitely in an obsessive class all their own, being more like sommeliers rather than coffee roasters.  We opted to try their Costa Rica Helsar Reserva, which was a lovely choice, but seeing as there are so many to try, it wasn't an easy vote.  You can buy online direct from Stumptown, or go see the fine folks at Mr. Lee's General Store & Haberdashery.  If you'd just like to try a cup, the Everything Cafe at 75 Pender in Vancouver is now serving it.

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