Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hipstamatic x Nike Sports Wear

The best app of 2010, Hipstamtic, has teamed up with Nike and Chris Hornbecker (commercial and sports photographer) and have created a new camera case and film combo for the iPhone app. The Hipstapak is a set of two black and white films, one a grainy look with vignetting in the corners and the other a special high contrast black and white, while the camera case is vintage aluminum with an orange leather grip created by Nike NSW (see above).  If you don't have the Hipstamatic on your iPhone, we highly recommend that you get it as of all the apps available it is by far the best.  In fact, many of the pictures on this blog have been taken with the Hipstamatic, proving that a high end digital camera is not always the only option to the budding photographer.  Examples of the pics after the jump.  It's free for all Hipstamatic users, in-app @ the Hipstamart.

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