Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ryno Motors

Solving the worlds energy problems are, at the best of times, difficult to say the least.  But we have to start somewhere. And arguably the best form of transportation to do that is the bicycle.  Not only is it carbon neutral, but it is great for ones health at the same time.  However, it's not the best solution for all, as distance may be a factor, or arriving at work drenched in sweat may pose a problem for others.  The scooter is a great intermediary device bridging the gap between bike and car, but is only really accepted (in North America anyway) by twenty somethings and hipsters.  Ryno is hoping to change that.  With it's innovative one wheel self balancing design, it's a scooter in name only.  It's small size makes parking and storage of the machine a snap, and it may be a great transportation solution to the congested urban areas.  One thing's for sure, it's definitely innovative. There is no word on when this will be available, but they have working models up and running, and are currently looking for investors. There is no doubt Ryno is capitalizing on the up swing of small displacement motors due to rising full costs. This just might be the machine that gets you past the whole "but it's a scooter" thing.

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