Monday, June 6, 2011

The Native Trees of Canada

While shopping in a used bookstore, Leanne Shapton happened upon an old edition of the government reference book, The Native Trees of Canada, originally published in 1917 by the Canadian Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources. Most people would simply view the book as a dry cataloguing of a boring subject. Shapton, however, was immediately enchanted by the dusty compilation, saw beauty in the technical details and was inspired to create her own artistic interpretation of The Native Trees of Canada (see above).  The book is a beautifully crafted recreation of what some may consider boring reference material, and may be inspiring enough for the reader to learn and identify the arboreal world around them.  Definitely a good book for that summer camping trip, or just your weekend walk in the park. You could even turn in into a game.  Available at most book retailers.  More pics after the break.

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