Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Pop

Recently we extolled the virtues of the Hipstamatic app for the iphone as well as the iPhone itself for on-the-go photography.  There are some drawbacks however.  The big glaring one for us is having to search for the app, fire it up, and then take your photo...but more often than not you've already missed the photo op.  The second problem we have is the awkwardness of having to hit the precisely right spot on the touch screen in order to open the shutter.  A real proper camera has the iPhone beat in that they fire up instantly, and the shutter button is where it should be, on the top for your index finger to easily access.  However, the folks over at Red Pop aim to fix that.  With this inexpensive, and functional mechanical iPhone addition, you have instant access to take photos, as well as a more camera like feel.  The Red Pop accesses an installed Red Pop app letting you take a photo every time you depress the button, skipping that whole looking for the right app thing, and allowing the user to get photos on the fly.  Currently they are taking pre-orders, as the final product ships in September.  More info here.  And yes...they are hoping to have it work with the more popular camera apps.  Fingers crossed for Hipstamatic.

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