Sunday, June 26, 2011


We had the great pleasure this weekend of properly checking out contemporary lifestyle boutique Walrus.  While we have referenced them for a few posts in the past including the DIY bee hive we didn't quite realize that they actually carry most of what we have posted about previously.  Seriously, if we owned a store apparently it would be Walrus.  We counted at least 10 items they carry that we have blogged about including the Wooly Pocket, Broken English jewellery and the minimalist step ladder we love.  To top it all off, the owners Caroline & Daniel are lovely and were very helpful in explaining the concept of the store and everything they carry.  In addition to all of the well selected products they sell, Walrus also acts as a gallery for local artists.  This upcoming Wednesday June 29th, they will be having the opening for Nicole Milkovich's first solo exhibit.
More pics after the jump.

3408 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC

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  1. thanks so much for hanging out! so great to meet you guys.