Sunday, July 24, 2011

Icon of Style - Angelica Huston

Angelica Huston is our IoS this week and was a pretty simple choice for a number of reasons.  First, she is one of those women who is unusually pretty in a really striking and complex way, the kind of beauty that is often called 'handsome' and is hard to find today.  Second, she is a common thread in many of Wes Anderson's movies such as The Royal Tenanbaums, The Life Aquatic and The Darjeeling Limited, all fantastic movies. Plus her proximity to Bill Murray in all those films gives her an extra leg up. All of that as well as her long lasting relationship with Jack Nicholson which spanned many years resulted in a treasure trove of fashionable moments. Her most iconic were in the 1970's and remain timeless to this day. Large felt hats, denim shirts, dramatic eyes and that classic blunt haircut of hers still inspire.   More pics after the jump.

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