Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Glue Ensemble - Teatime at a Funeral (EP)

We discovered these guys through Twitter of all places.  They followed us, so our interest was peeked.  We tracked down their website and had a listen.  And listened.  And listened some more.  It's fair to say they're now on constant rotation in our home.  They have a pretty unique sound, which should serve them well in a market saturated by glossy pop and one hit wonders.  If we had to make an initial comparison, we'd say they reminded us of the Cinematic Orchestra, if CO had more of a roots music bend rather than jazz (if that makes any sense).  Regardless, have a listen.  We've posted the track "Human Resources" for your listening enjoyment, but you can listen to the other three tracks off the EP here. Coincidentally, that's where you can purchase the EP, and at £0.99 ($1.54 CAD) you can't really go wrong.  You can't even get a chocolate bar for that price anymore.

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