Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why the Volkswagen?

We're attempting to answer this question, as 50% of us over here at HS headquarters are obsessed with veedubs.  The simple answer...the name says it all, it's "the people's car." Obviously that answer really tells you nothing...but that is the simple fact.  Everyone understands why marks like Porsche, Ferrari & Bugatti are icons in the automotive sphere, but Volkswagen?  This year at the Barrett-Jackson auction in California, the top selling vehicle was a 1963 23 window VW bus, that sold for a whopping $217,800.00.  Granted, that is a rare bus, and the restoration was impeccable, but it is still only a Volkswagen.  We came across a video (the one above) that nicely explains some of the reasons why these vehicles are so close to people's hearts.  As usual, best viewing results are to be had in full screen.

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