Thursday, July 14, 2011

Icon of Style - Steve McQueen

We came across the above picture of McQueen above, and loved it so much it inspired us to a.) show it you, and b.) start a regular post with a new Icon of Style replete with photos every week.  In this inaugural IoS post, we give you Steve McQueen.  McQueen was one of the most sought after actors of his day, starring in such classics as; the Great Escape, Le Mans, and of course, Bullitt, whose car chase scene is probably the best ever committed to film.  As if that isn't enough for cool cred, he was an accomplished race car driver and motorcycle racer, the latter landing him in the off-road racing hall of fame.  Unfortunately, Steve McQueen was taken from us too early by cancer, but I'm sure if he were still around, he would be making great film and having us wonder how a man of his age has made it through life with such effortless style.  The picture above could have been taken yesterday, with white denim, snug polo and sockless with sneakers being the current look for summer.  The Persol sunglasses are never a bad choice either, with Persol recently releasing the very same model he is wearing above.  Do yourself a favour, and watch a McQueen flick this weekend.  Our favourites are the three listed above, but you can't really go wrong with any. More pics after the jump.

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