Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2012 Porsche 911

There are those that think it's time to retire the Porsche 911. After all, the 911 has been in production since the fall of 1963, and despite its continual development, the basic concept changed very little. That's because the good folks in Stuttgart are striving for automobile nirvana, making incremental changes year after year (43 years in all) and attempting something that no other car company in the world dare try....perfection. Love it or hate it, props must be given to the 911 as a species. It is an automobile icon that from model year to model year, can be recognized as a Porsche by almost anyone. No other car manufacturer can make such a claim. Porsche has seen fit to release some images of the cars latest interation prior to the official unveiling at this years Frankfurt Auto Show.  We have to say...hubba, hubba! The 911 is aging like a bottle of Chateau Lafite...and has the sexiest ass in the business (a picture of which is after the jump).

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