Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hex Code Wallet

We love our iPhone. Point in fact...we love them so much we're not really sure why anyone would have another smartphone. We get the whole doing you're own thing and breaking from the crowd mentality, but one has to remember that you are still buying a product from a huge multi-national corporation, and an inferior one at that.  Further to that, the iPhone being the best seller and bench mark that it is, it comes with some added perks, such as having really great accessories and many more of them at that.  Which leads us to the above; an ingenious all-in-one iPhone case and wallet that is not only functional, but that is quite stylish also. For the men that suffer from the conundrum of storing all the daily detritus of life in our pockets, this helps eliminate the progression to the murse (also referred to as a European carry-all) which should be obvious why that's a good thing. If you were so inclined, you can get your hands on one here. As an addendum...our apologies if we offended anyone's sensibilities, but seriously, buy an iPhone already.

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