Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Art of Flight - Metal Trailer

We posted a trailer to this film of few months back, and now that we're getting closer to the actual drop day, we thought you might like a little reminder. It's a back country, big air snowboard film...but this one is different. It's made by Quicksilver and Red Bull, and like everything else Red Bull touches, it's faster, funnier, more breath taking and more extreme than the rest (see their F1 team, the Red Bull Air Race, etc...). The cinematography is ridiculous, the airs and mountain faces insane, and they apparently hired chopper pilots with no survival instinct. It all makes for one hell of a movie, whether you're into big mountain snowboarding or not. And despite the footage shown here, we've been assured nobody died while making this film. Here is a link to our original post, with the original trailer. Enjoy!

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