Monday, August 15, 2011

Flip HD Video Camera

We know that this is not new, or cutting edge, or even beautifully designed.  It does however take really decent HD video for its size...but we digress.  We're putting ourselves behind the Flip because we own one and love it, but also because it is a great product that you will not be able to buy for much longer.  Flip has quickly become a major player in the video camera game, garnering a 35% market share.  You'd think that numbers like that would ensure the camera's longevity...and under normal circumstances it would.  However, Flip is working on the Flip HD Live, which has the capability to stream HD video live from any wi-fi hotspot.  That got Cisco Systems interested.  So much so that they bought the company, and then subsequently killed the camera.  Why you ask?  Because Sysco makes their living charging premium prices for high end video conferencing equipment, the the Flip HD Live would have brought that technology into the hands of everyone for about $99.  It was seemingly worth $590,000,000 to keep a hold of that market.  You gotta love corporate greed.  So act fast and go and pick yourself up one.  They're cheap, fun and easy to use, and are soon to be a dinosaur.

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