Thursday, August 11, 2011

Frozen Wave

A day in the country; sun, music, wine and skate.  A wonderful event and great opportunity organized to skate one of the few available concrete ditches near Madrid, Spain.  We love this, as a.) it looks like a tonne of fun, and b.) this is the essence of skating and the skateboard.  In recent years, skating has become increasingly technical, as the measure of the skater has been his/her bag of tricks.  However, skateboarding evolved out of a need to surf when the ocean wasn't co-operating, and was more movement based rather than tricks.  This event is a throwback to that simpler time, and is more inclusive because of it.  The video also has two wonderful tracks; "Take the Bit Between Your Teeth" by Electrelane and "Shabop Shalom" by Devendra Banhart. 

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