Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tea Time by Pengtao Yu

This is one of those "why didn't they think of that sooner" type deals.  The design is so simple, but at the same time absolutely ingenious.  One puts in the loose tea of their choice, adds hot water, twists the spring timer (designer wanted to keep the product low tech) and turn upside down similar to an hour glass.  Once the tea is finished steeping, the water filters through to the bottom, leaving the loose tea up in the above chamber.  It is idiot-proof, and omits the whole 'forgetting your tea is steeping' issue, which can be a real problem when making time sensitive teas such as jasmine. Simply remove the top, and drink from the bottom receptacle, which does dual duty as a glass double wall tea cup. Ridiculous how cool this is.  Unfortunately, it is not yet available, but the design is so thoughtful that we're sure it's just a matter of time until it is.  You can learn more and see the step by step brewing process here.

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