Monday, September 12, 2011

Anrealage Fall/Winter 2011 - 8 Bit Fashion

Fashion is cyclical, and what was old is new again...but usually the designers don't mine the history of video games for this historical inspiration. That is however, what up and coming designer Kunihiko Murinaga has done with his Anrealage brand, using the blocky 8-bit graphics of yore as inspiration for his fabrics, hems and even the heels on his shoes. Our favourite bit (no pun intended) is how the theme of the collection is carried over into the furnishings of the store (pictured above). If you're interested in trying some of this on, better bust out the plastic, as the land of the rising sun is where you'll find it. You can, thanks to this whole internet fad, browse and order online here. More pics after the break.

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