Monday, September 12, 2011

The Heavy - And When I Die

Cover songs can be a really great idea, but more often than not they're a bad one. Not only is song choice of paramount importance, but also the interpretation of someone else's words and sentiment that sometimes can never really be improved upon. This is not to say that there isn't a lot of great covers out there (who can forget Guns 'N' Roses cover of Dylan in "Knocking on Heavens Door"), but they do not come along all that often. This is why we are pleased to present to you "And When I Die" by The Heavy. The song is a Blood, Sweat and Tears cover, which in terms of obscurity scores an "A" for song choice, and The Heavy's growl is a perfect reinterpretation of the classic tune. And while we're on the subject of The Heavy, do yourself a favour and get their 2009 album "The House That Dirt Built" with the notable stand-outs "How You Like Me Now" and "Short Change Hero," the latter being our personal favourite. Available on iTunes.

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