Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1954 Airstream Flying Cloud

Trailers really haven't been in vogue for some time. However, there was a point in our history, and not that long ago we might add, where owning a trailer was pretty much the norm. It was a highly sought after form of family vacation, and the benchmark portable home was the Airstream. They gleamed with their aircraft aluminum shells and aerodynamic shape, and was what every North American father lusted after. Nostalgia being what it is today, and the generation that can remember the Airstream having a bit more disposable income, it is only fitting that they are once again sought after. Outdoor outfitter Orvis, makers of everything fly-fishing, specially sourced the 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud (shown above) and made a meticulous restoration. On a completely new running gear, the outer shell has been completely hand polished to a sheen that would make Howard Hughes jealous, and the interior has been brought up to modern standards as well, with all the finishes and accoutrements that the 21st century discerning camper has come to expect. Unfortunately, there is only one of these available, and it is currently at online auction. You can go here for more details, and hit the jump for some more pics.

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