Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Derringer Cycle for Restoration Hardware

"Inspired by Board Track Racing – the high-speed, high-risk sport of the 1920s – industrial designer Adrian Van Anz set out to create his own version of the pared-down, souped up cycles that roared around those storied wooden motordromes. Today, he creates one-of-a-kind bespoke motorbikes for enthusiasts around the world. Each Derringer cycle is crafted by hand, with a fine-tuned eye for vintage veracity. But, where the bikes of the Roaring '20s topped 100 miles per hour with no throttle, Derringer cycles are designed for modern functionality, with a moto-hybrid drive train that offers a choice of pedal or engine power, achieving speeds up to 35 mph and getting 180 miles to the gallon. Painted Restoration Hardware's signature shade of grey, the exclusive model has Kevlar-reinforced racing tires and a black leather saddle with copper rivets." Available for special order here.

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