Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Elder Statesman

Luxury brand The Elder Statesman started in 2007 with premium cashmere blankets, the kind that mere mortals cannot typically afford but all of us should be wrapped up in 24/7. It began with creator Greg Chait and his goal to find and eventually design the best cashmere blankets known to man which led him to employing a collective in Canada to create a heavy gauge yarn for him. Today this has evolved into luxury apparel, accessories and handmade Buffalo horn glasses. With a new appointment-only studio in West Hollywood, Chait has also launched TYRO by Tes rolling out in select Barneys stores which is a more affordable choice with the same superior standards he has come to be known for. We have included a link to The Elder Statesman website but it appears to be under construction although still with helpful & inspirational images. More photos after the jump.

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