Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Invisible Speaker by People People

We love the transparent design and the past meets future look of this speaker. Designed to be unobtrusive, taking the monolithic towers out of the equation and blending nearly seamlessly into the room's surroundings, absorbing paint colour and wall coverings to appear nearly invisible. The Invisible Speaker comes with a small wi-fi antenna that can plug into any computer, music player or smart phone, but also can accept feeds from your old school stereo. It gets better though...the Invisible Speaker ships as a project kit, meaning there is a little work on your end with regards to sourcing the glass and putting it together. The beauty of this is that the shipping box is small and takes far less energy to reach it's destination...up to 90% less. Also, because you source the glass from somewhere local (using the cutting templates included) you are supporting local business in the process. All win win if you ask us. More info available here.

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