Monday, November 14, 2011

Solid Gray Backpack

In the future, one will have all knowledge at their finger tips thanks to the perfection of cyber adapted implants. No longer will we have to toil physically flipping through "books" or tapping screens or keyboards using "Google." In this utopia, your choice of forms of payment will be utilized using the information stored literally in your finger prints, meaning index for debit, middle for chequing, second from right as your credit card and your pinky as your line of credit. This of course would render the wallet useless, and because we have also done away with books, the backpack has in turn become obsolete as well. We are however, a few years away from that day, and in the interim you'll need to carry things like computers, books and your wallet. How pedestrian. But just because we have to carry our information like a troglodyte, this doesn't mean you can't appear like your from the future with the Solid Gray Backpack. Obviously utilizing the technology of the armadillo, the SGB will protect all your personal belongings while making you look like an extra from Tron. If you like it and want to know can find it here.

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