Monday, November 14, 2011

Tegan and Sara - Get Along

Once upon the time, we resided in the West End of Vancouver. And once upon a time we stood in line behind Tegan or Sara (we're not really sure which one) at the bank. Nothing was said, but we obviously paid special attention to them as they were/are successful musicians and happen to be hypnotically beautiful. The die was cast that day, and we've been Tegan and Sara fans ever since. Today they're releasing a live album, where they play 15 T+S classics, and as a bonus, the album also includes a DVD with 3 films and some live footage...further proving that they are nice people (as nice people include bonuses). As we are nice people too, and want to give you proof that this is indeed worth your time, we give you the above live song "Back In Your Head." After the jump there are a couple of trailers for what the DVD has in store, which are both amusing and provide some insight into the dynamic duo that is Tegan and Sara. Available a fine music retailers everywhere.

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