Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Art of Living According to Joe Beef

The famous Montreal eatery Joe Beef released a cook book of sorts in 2011, and it has been on the shortlist for cookbook of the year according to many. We agree whole heartedly with that assessment, and think it's popular among critics for a few reasons. It is far more than a cookbook, as the authors not only present beautiful and delicious recipes, but they pepper the book with legends, instructional anecdotes and stories about the lessons learned in opening up the restaurant. The book also serves as a guide to Montreal, complete with everything you'd expect from a regular travel tome...including places to stay and things to see. The most important part of the book however, are the recipes. They are simple in execution and ingredients, but big on flavour and wow factor. That is to say they are good...very, very good. If there is a foodie in your life, and let's face facts, in todays world there probably is, this would be a great and unexpected gift. Better yet, get it for yourself. Widely available where books are sold.

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