Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yamaha THR Amps

We absolutely adore the look of a Marshall guitar amplifier. Every time we see one we don't know whether we should use it for a launchpad for a screaming rock jump, or kick it over in a fit of punk rage. Once we finally settle down however, we realize that we don't necessarily want it sitting front and centre in our home. They may look like a fish in water on a stage, but they tend to be obtrusive in the living room. Yamaha THR amps come in a more home friendly package, and don't sacrifice on the features that the masters of "Smoke on the Water" all over the world have come to expect, like infinite adjustability and pre-programmed amp channels for clean, crunch, and modern. They also have more contemporary features like USB connectivity, the option for running on batteries, and included Cubase AI software. More info here.

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