Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Autumn Owls - Quarantine

Working in the sphere that we do, we're fortunate enough to be exposed to great creative work from minds all over the world looking to expose their work to the masses. We use the word fortunate, but that isn't even really strong enough to describe the extreme privilege that we feel in being pointed to something great that is new, and for lack of a better term, undiscovered. That is how we feel about the Autumn Owls, a four piece from Dublin, Ireland. With two Ep's under their belt, the latest being offered for free here, they are now focused on delivering their first full length album in early 2012. Above, we give you a live rehearsal of the track "Quarantine" from the afore mentioned full length record. If this is how great they sound live, they will surely earn a loyal following show by show...and we're are expecting big things from them in the coming year. Have yourself a listen, and do yourself a favour a get the free EP we mentioned above. There's really no excuse not to.

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