Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Miansai Anchor Bracelet

We've run through a few things we didn't get for Christmas, but we feel that we may be being a little negative by dwelling on the word "didn't." We did have a fantastic Christmas surrounded by the people that we love, and have definitely eaten a months worth of calories in a few days, and that is what Christmas is all about. When it comes to gifts, we don't generally dwell on them too much, and try and put the focus on the afore mentioned loved ones, but there is no escaping that giving and receiving gifts are part of the equation. We were lucky to receive a number of very lovely and thoughtful gifts, including our favourite shown above, the Miansai Anchor Bracelet in leather. We've posted about Miansai before, and they definitely deserve you attention, making some very simple but very fashionable accessories for men and women. You can learn more here.

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