Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nike AF1 Bespoke Vachetta

Let's face is about displaying ones individuality, or lack thereof. The truly fashionable seek out things that aren't going to be seen on every third person they past on the street, and to truly accomplish that one has to resort to custom made options, or as the brits call it, bespoke. The Nike store on Mercer street in NYC has been the place to go for Nike ID, which is Nike's foray into sneaker customization. However, the folks at Nike have decided that mere choices in colours may not be enough for the truly demanding connoisseur, and have added the option of a fully bespoke version of the iconic Air Force 1. Upping the game with the "Vachetta" options, being stripped down innards for a dress shoe look, hand rolled leather laces, lightweight leather wrapped midsoles, laser etched hang tags, etc... These bad boys will set you back at least $800, and that's without the trip to NYC.

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